Bioeffect EGF serum

On all KLM flights from and to Amsterdam over 1,5 hours.

You will earn minimum 298 Miles


Bioeffect EGF serum is a ground-breaking anti-ageing serum that delivers visibly dramatic improvements to the skin. The multiple anti-ageing functions

are the result of its hero ingredient - EGF - a Nobel prize-winning discovery that directs the skin cell to renew and repair the skin matrix material, such as collagen and elastin. It restores youthful radiance, minimises signs of ageing and rejuvenates the skin‘s complexion. The advanced formula contains just seven ingredients and no fragrance, colorants or preservatives. 15ml and an extra 5ml travel size serum. Made in Iceland.

Item No.10048
Content: 15ML + 5ML

This product:

  • can be delivered to international KLM flights (longer than 1h30) departing to and from Amsterdam
  • is also available on board KLM flights

Orders can be placed from 1 year to 25 hours before your KLM flight. For all inbound flights to Amsterdam your order can be placed up to 48 hours in advance

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