Place an order online at Shop@KLM from any location. We’ll deliver your purchase to you on board your flight or directly to your home.

Delivery methods

Want to shop tax-free from your hotel or living room? We’ll deliver your order during your flight, so you don’t have to carry any extra hand baggage at the airport. Ordering from Shop@KLM also means you no longer have to worry about your favourite product being sold out on board! Naturally, we also offer home delivery.

More information about our 2 delivery options below:

Delivery during your flight

We deliver your purchases for free during your flight on board of:

There are no delivery charges for on-board delivery. Note: you can order your favourite items online up to 25 hours before departure.

If on-board delivery is not possible, we will contact you by phone or e-mail. Unfortunately, our cabin crew is unable to reimburse your purchase amount during the flight. If your flight is cancelled, you miss your flight, or you do not receive your purchase on board your flight, you have the following options:

Do you have any questions or complaints about on-board delivery? Please send us a message via Facebook  or Twitter  or send us an email.

Home delivery

You can also order from Shop@KLM even if you are not going to be flying any time soon. Many of the items in our collection can be delivered to a home address anywhere in the world. Note: you are required to pay 21% VAT and delivery charges for home delivery.

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Delivery time and charges for home delivery

Your order will be sent by PostNL. The total delivery time is between 1 and 12 workdays, depending on the country to which the order is being delivered. The expected delivery time will be stated during the ordering process. We do not offer delivery time guarantees.

Delivery charges must be paid for every order placed. The amount of these charges differs per country. The chart below shows the delivery fees for various countries.

Country Delivery charges Delivery charges in Flying Blue Miles Delivery time


The Netherlands €4.95 1700 1-2 workdays



Austria €12.95 4400 1-4 workdays

Belgium €7.95 2700 1-4 workdays

Bulgaria €27.95 9400 4-7 workdays

Czech Republic €17.95 6000 4-6 workdays

Denmark (excluding Greenland and Faroe Islands) €12.95 4400 1-4 workdays

Germany €7.95 2700 1-4 workdays

Estonia €30.95 10400 4-6 workdays

Finland €19.95 6400 4-6 workdays

France (excluding Andorra, including Monaco and Corsica) €14.95 5000 1-4 workdays

Greece €19.95 6400 5-7 workdays

Great Britain (excluding Gibraltar and Channel Islands, including Northern Ireland) €14.95 5000 1-4 workdays

Hungary €17.95 6000 4-6 workdays

Ireland (excluding Northern Ireland) €35.95 12000 1-4 workdays

Italy (excluding San Marino and Vatican City) €16.95 5700 4-6 workdays

Latvia €30.95 10400 4-6 workdays

Lithuania €30.95 10400 4-6 workdays

Luxembourg €10.95 3700 1-4 workdays

Norway €19.95 6400 1-4 workdays

Poland €17.95 6000 4-6 workdays

Portugal (including Azores and Madeira) €33.95 11400 4-6 workdays

Romania €27.95 9000 4-7 workdays

Slovakia €17.95 6000 4-6 workdays

Slovenia €17.95 6000 4-6 workdays

Spain (excluding Canary Islands, including Balearic Islands) €19.95 6400 4-6 workdays

Sweden €16.95 5400 1-4 workdays

Switzerland €19.95 6400 1-4 workdays

Rest of Europe (outside the European Union) €19.95 6400 5-12 workdays



United States €21.95 7400 5-12 workdays

Canada €21.95 7400 5-12 workdays

Australia €21.95 7400 5-12 workdays

New Zealand €21.95 7400 5-12 workdays

Rest of the world €21.95 7400 5-12 workdays

If the items purchased are to be delivered to you directly from the supplier, this will be stated in the item description. If the supplier’s delivery terms and conditions differ from those of KLM, this will also be stated.

Frequently Asked Questions about delivery

If your order does not arrive after 14 days, please send us a message via Facebook or Twitter or send us an email.


To order these products, you must be 18 years or older