Glenfiddich Cask Strength 15 years

On all KLM flights from and to Amsterdam over 1,5 hours.

You will earn 162 Miles


For 15 years, the whisky matures in American and European oak. In the crafting of this fine, higher strength whisky only water from the Robbie Dhu spring

is added, nothing else is added or taken away during the maturation period. It does not go through a traditional ‘Finishing’ process, which gives it a strong floral flavours and intense, lingering spicy pepper aromas. Comes in an extra large 1 liter bottle. Consumption of this article on board is strictly prohibited. This article will be delivered in a sealed bag, not to be opened on board. Do not open it until you have reached your final destination. There are no restrictions to the number of articles you purchase other than the customs regulations of the country/countries you enter.

Item No.11604
alcohol_percentage 51%
Content: 1 LITER

This product:

  • Can be delivered on international KLM flights (longer than 1h30) departing to and from Amsterdam, including KLM flights to Saint Petersburg and Kiev. But cannot be delivered to destinations such as Doha, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dammam and Tehran and and within the European Union

Orders can be placed from 1 year to 25 hours before your KLM flight. For all inbound flights to Amsterdam your order can be placed up to 48 hours in advance

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